Engagement Session in the Desert // Joshua Tree Park, California

Engagement Session in the Desert // Joshua Tree Park, California


Carla & Mynor


Your engagement should be a wonderful time! Think of it this way: Once you’re married, your relationship will never go through this season again. So celebrate it! Enjoy it! Embrace it!
This is exactly what Mynor and Carla did.

When they suggested having their engagement session at Joshua Tree Park, I smiled as hard as I could. It was my longtime dream to do a photoshoot in the desert. We immediately started planning our trip since we all live in the Bay Area.

On the first day of our adventure, we drove 10 Hours down to Palm Springs to spend time, relax, and explore the city. It was in late May on Memorial Day weekend. On the third day, we made our way to Joshua Tree. Since the weather was really hot, we decided to do the photoshoot at sunset. It turned out to be the best idea because the sunset light in the desert was magical.

We all had the best time during the photoshoot. Carla and Mynor goofed around and just enjoyed each other so much that they sometimes forgot I was there taking pictures of them. They delivered so many candid pictures of their amazing love story.
We had so much fun that we decided to do another photoshoot the next morning at sunrise with different outfits. It gave us more variety in the photos, so they weren’t all with the same background and outfits.

 The whole trip was such an unforgettable experience. I had the best locations, the best weather, the best lighting, and (most importantly) the best couple to capture their love and spend time with. This was definitely my favorite photoshoot of all time.
-              Jasmin (Photographer)


I met Mynor in the cafeteria of our college. As an international student from Germany, I was happy to meet somebody from the bay area. We kept running into each other all over campus. After two months of knowing each other, Mynor wanted to show me around his hometown. Little did we know, it turned out to be a date. Soon after the first date, he came to visit me in Germany and we traveled to Paris. Five years later, he proposed on a trip to Copenhagen and here we are about to get married.

  1. First outfit: Dress from Urban Outfitters, bra top from Target, shoes from Birkenstock
  2. Second outfit: Pants from Madewell, sweater from Urban Outfitters, sandals from Klub Nico, necklace from Madewell, ring is vintage

-            Carla (Bride)


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Autumn Weather Photo Story

Autumn Weather Photo Story

Autumn Weather Photo Story

Northern California Autumn Weather Photo Story


I had an amazing Photoshoot with my dear friend Rachel Bieber who is an awesome Food Stylist
(No she is not related to Justin Bieber that was my first question when I met her :D).
We enjoyed the last blast of sun before the winter truly arrives.
We created an Autumn Weather Photo Story, with a delicious Breakfast and a romantic sunset in my Backyard.

Rachel's Blog: www.foodandcourage.com

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Santa Rosa - Northern California wildfires​​​​​​​

Santa Rosa - Northern California wildfires​​​​​​​


"This is truly one of the greatest,
if not the greatest tragedy
that California has ever faced,"

- California Gov. Jerry Brown 

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I was lost in a moment
A glimmer in time
Like a child chasing shadows
My back to the light
I was lost in a fog till
You caught my eye
Through the smoke and the mirrors
A glimmer of life

- Glimmer In The Dust
by Hillsong United



Andi & David

BAKER BEACH ROMANCE! Andi and David are from Arizona and came to visit the Bay Are for a couple days. I loved to meet them and hear about their love story! I really enjoyed a nice sunset shooting with them on one of my favorite Beaches.


Karinna & Marcos

Karinna & Marcos

Karinna & Marcos

My lovely and beautiful Friend Karissa got married yesterday afternoon in the City Hall in San Francisco! Later that day we celebrated Karinnas and Marcos Elopement at the Drake's Dealership in Oakland. Yeah! It was a small but very romantic and intimate celebration with amazing people. Both are originally from Puerto Rico and they will have a 2nd and bigger Wedding celebration with their familys and friends back home. 

I just recently met Karissa and Marcos but it feels like I know them already for a long time. There is something special about those two. I feel honored to be a part from the very beginning of their marriage.


Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Elliot & Alexis

Recently, I went on a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas. On the evening of the third day, I was standing in the elevator on the cruise when a group of men joined me. One of them had a huge smile on his face – like Hillary Clinton when she sees balloons. He started talking about Alexis, a girl what he had met during the day on the Island Nassau and mentioned something about “love at the first sight”. His friends were making jokes. One friend said: “Dude, you felt in love?! When I fall, I only fall into water.” But the guy didn’t care. He continued talking about how wonderful she was. But, like in every Hollywood love story, there was a boundary. She was on a different cruise ship so they had to say goodbye for now. He explained he was going to meet her again after the cruise returned to Miami.

When we all left the elevator, I could not stop wondering if love at first sight really existed? I shook my head and pessimistically told myself, No, it was probably just the alcohol talking. Also, his skin was a bit red, he probably had a sunstroke.

Fifteen minutes later there was an announcement through the speakers that the ship would remain in Nassau that night due to heavy weather and would not drive to the next island like planned. Instead, we will head back to Miami tomorrow afternoon. I was really mad and sad, because I had paid a lot for this cruise and I was really looking forward to visiting the great syrup island the next day.

I tried to make the best out of it, though. I grabbed my friend and my camera and went to the beach to capture the sunset.

The Beach was almost empty, except for two happy lovebirds snuggling. I thought they are probably on their honeymoon. When I came closer, though, I recognized the guy from the elevator. I couldn’t help myself. I went over and introduced myself. Before the girl could say anything, I said, “And you must be Alexis.” Both looked at me like I was a crazy stalker. I explained quickly that I had overheard him in the elevator.

We talked a bit until the conversation kind of turned into a photoshoot. In the past years, I had taken so many pictures of couples, but I’d never had a photoshoot like this before. They two really connected so well, and were so focused on each other that I was invisible to them. Also, it was the shortest photoshoot I’d ever had. Within ten minutes min, I had more than enough to capture their love story.

I truly believe that the ship being stuck one more night in Nassau was fate. Everything happens for a reason! And you know what?! After this meeting, I wasn’t mad or sad anymore. I really was happy for them that they could spend one more day together in paradise!

So does love at first sight exist? After I met those two sweet people, I can say without a doubt that YES, there is!